Packing Services

We offer complete or partial packing services performed by our experienced personnel. You decide how much you want us to do and how much you would like to do yourself. We use the latest packing methods as well as the time tested techniques that have served us well over the years. Because of this we have very few incidents of damage to belongings or to the home.

Full service packing: Our trained packers do it all. Leave all items right where they are in your home, and we’ll take it from there.

Partial or fragile-only packing: You get the full pack service but only for the items that you designate. We recommend that you pack everything that is not breakable and you leave fragile items to ourselves!

Do-it-yourself packing: You do the whole thing, and we provide packing materials at reasonable prices.

Custom Crates: The best way to transfer many fragile, awkwardly shaped items is to build custom crates for those items. Antiques and Valuables will arrive safe and sound when we expertly create your moving crates!

Packing Materials

You have a lot of possessions, all with unique shapes and weights. That’s why we have a wide variety of specialty packing materials.

Standard Boxes Available from 1.5 to 6 cubic feet.

Wardrobe Boxes The easiest way to move clothes.

Mirror Boxes Extra protection for mirrors, pictures or glass tabletops

Mattress Boxes Available in all sizes.

Stretch wrap Protects furniture from snags, tears and dirt.

Dishpack Barrel Extra sturdy carriers for your special china and dishware, with dividers for extra protection.

Padding All non-packed or crated items will be padded using the highest quality materials available on the market today.

Loading and Unloading

Getting your valuables out of your previous home and into your new one can be tricky. Luckily, we’re prepared for it.

Disassembly/Assembly From entertainment centers to beds to swing sets, just tell us what needs to be disassembled and moved with you. We’ll even put it back together for you at your destination.

Residence Protection Pads Protect the railings, tight corners and doors.

Carpet Covers Keep high trafic areas clean.

Systematic Loading Boxes are labeled and inventoried based on rooms and your needs upon arrival.

Systematic Unloading We put your belongings in the rooms you want them in. Just point the way.

Whichever combination of services you choose, when you move with us, we’ll take every precaution with your belongings and protect them while they’re in our care. What’s important to you is important to us. Contact us for information on prices of new and gently used packing materials.

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We use proffessional techniques and equipment for wrapping, boxing and packing  your valuables
Your fears will be eased when we're securing your fragile items expertly in preparation for your move!

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