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Moving can be very stressful, but our years of experience and professional staff will make you feel confident and relaxed. Starting with our free quote we will arrange every detail of the move for you. Your household belongings will be handled with the utmost care and respect.

Francis Rush Moving has handled several commercial moves over the years, and we understand that businesses cannot afford much down time. We are well able to move your equipment and furniture efficiently, resulting in a smooth transition from one location to the other.

Move preparation

Fixed items

Take down any item permanently fixed to the wall or ceiling, such as chandeliers, cabinets, light fixtures, etc. (Note: We can arrange for this as extra cost prior to your move date)


All appliances must be in move-ready condition when the crew arrives at your home:

  • Freezers, refrigerators, washers, dishwashers etc. must be defrosted and dried, and ready to move at least 24 hours prior to the crews’ arrival.
  • Stoves/cookers, washers etc. must be disconnected prior to our arrival (unless speciically arranged).
  • Blocking and unblocking a front-loading washing machine: It is your responsibility to provide our crew with the custom blocking device supplied by the manufacturer. This device is required to protect against damage during movement as noted in the manufacturer’s instruction manual. If the blocking kit is not provided to our crew, we cannot be held responsible if damage occurs.


  • Read manuals for stereos, electrical items, etc., so that you can prepare them for transportation, i.e. all electrical items must be ready to move before we arrive.
  • All CDs/tapes and videos should be taken out of the machine (to avoid them being damaged in transit).
  • Computers must be ready for transport. Ink-jet printers must have the ink cartridges removed. Pack new cartridges only as old ones may leak. We also recommend that you back-up your computer, preferably on media you can carry separately.

Outdoor items

  • It is your responsibility to offer all goods especially garden furniture, pots, ceramics and similar free from dirt, cobwebs and evidence of infestation.
  • Mowers and garden equipment/furniture must be clean and ready to move. Mowers and other machinery must be emptied of oil, gas and petrol.
  • Gas tanks for barbecues cannot be moved even if they are totally empty.


Any attic/loft without a fully boarded loor must have all items removed from it prior to our arrival (this is to save you from any legal liability). Lofts should also be lit and have a secure, stable ladder.

Nonmoveable Items

Any bleach, paints, thinners or other lammable or hazardous items cannot be shipped. These must be disposed of prior to our arrival.

Personal Items and Valuables

All valuables must be transported personally with you. These include jewelry (except costume jewelry), cash, stocks and bonds, important documents plus valuable stamp and coin collections.

Final check

On completion of packing you are responsible for checking that everything that should have been moved out has been. Please do this before our team departs your home. Any items found afterwards may well involve additional costs for shipping separately.

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Family Home Moves, Apartment Moves, Business Office Moves and more are safe with us!
We also take special care to leave both your current location and your new location free of scuffs, scrapes, or other moving related damages!

5/5 stars for the crew and the move and I would use Francis Rush again!


Jen Coughlin

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